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If you are new to Mixed Martial Arts, Keith Hackney is a pioneer. With a history in traditional arts, he evolved with the MMA revolution and is producing some of the top fighters in the Midwest. His fighters train and fight all over the world—and win. The fight game is complete at Hackney’s. All ranges are covered – boxing, wrestling, brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kick boxing, and overall conditioning and self defense.

Hackney’s is not just a fighters gym. We also offer classes for women’s self defense, childrens classes, and just training in MMA for fun and overall health.

Kids MMA
This class is taught Adam Panick. He teaches kids the fundamentals of Mixed Martial Arts training. The class focuses on conditioning while building a strong foundation in wrestling, bjj, boxing, and kick boxing. Everyone has a lot of fun in this class. Kids work well with each other and help each other improve. They also learn self discipline, focus, and drive from one of the best fighters out there today.

Adult Beginner MMA
This class taught by former fighter Glen Hall pushes fight functional conditioning and technique. You will get a great blend of stand up fighting, transitions, and ground work. A typical class will start with a warm up, followed by mitt drills or technique work. You will then hit the mats and work ground technique and do some situational sparring. The class typically closes with a peak in conditioning and mental toughness. It is a great class for students interested in fighting or just looking to break a great sweat and get in shape.

Adult Intermediate MMA
This class is taught by Keith Hackney. It follows the beginner class and follows the same mold. Lots of conditioning, lots of advanced tricks that work in REAL fights, and lots of great functional technique training. This class has more advanced students and many of the schools fighters will be working in this class too. You will not only get a great workout with great instruction, but your training partners will push you to the next level of fitness and mental toughness.

This class is taught by Issac Riggs. He teaches and assists like-minded people on how to overcome and conquer physical altercations. His goal is to help students realize that they are capable of much more that they realize, both mentally and physically. He accomplishes this by teaching and practicing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that is focused on pure techniques and extensive cardiovascular conditioning.

Fighter Training
This class is taught by Keith Hackney. Fighters are the focus here. Advanced students are more then welcome to help out and get fighters ready for their next match. There is ots of sparring, conditioning workouts, and building mental toughness for the cage or ring as the focus of these sessions.

Adult Muay Thai
This class is taught by Dimitrijus Bartkevicius. A former kickboxer in Europe, Dimitrijus, sharpens up the striking game with drills, mitt work, conditioning and sparring. This class works on all Muay Thai aspects, the long range and the clinch. A great workout to get in shape, learn self-defense, and master your stand up game.

Taught by Dimitrijus Bartkevicius, this class focuses on the hands…and how to make them sting. Dimitrijus works drills and mitts to improve footwork, finding angles, increase hand speed, and set up the power punches.

Open MMA
This is a session taught by Glen Hall that allows fighter and students to get extra time to work on anything they might be lacking. Long range, clinch, ground, attribute development are all covered and put together to make the fight game complete and provide a great workout.