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David Sach, CHAMPION

David Sach, CHAMPION

Congrats to David—here is how the fight played out:
David Sachs vs Josh Sterry
Round 1
David keeps center cage as Josh circles around. David comes in clinches with Josh. Josh puts David onto the cage, however David flips it. The two break and meet again in the middle of the cage. Josh pushes David to the cage and clinches. The two alternate back and forth on the cage. David holds Josh’s head and throws knees to the head. Josh breaks the hold and comes out swinging. Josh keeps distance with a couple kicks. David comes in with a 1,2 comination pushing Josh to the cage. Again the two clinch. The ref breaks the two up with an accidental knee to the groin from David. The fight resumes with the two in the middle of the cage. David comes forward and gets that headlock again. Like before he throws knees. David then drags Josh down and gets side control working towards his back. David throws various punches while rying to gain position. Josh tries a sit out, but David stops it. Josh rolls and David ends in half guard. David stands up trying to gain better positioning while raining blows to Josh. The round ends with David hovering over Josh looking to throw a punch.

Round 2
Josh comes out strong, but David slips out and comes with a combination of his own. Josh almost gets a single leg takedown, but David escapes and does a judo toss in the middle of the cage. David goes to mount. Josh shrimps out, but gives his back in th process. David takes it and sinks a rear naked choke.

David wins via Rear Naked Choke at 3:38 of round 2.

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