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Chicago Cagefighting Results!

Chicago Cagefighting Results!

Hackneys had a number of fighters compete at Chicago Cagefighting.

Main Event – 155lb Championship fight.
Stefan Ivanoff vs Matt Braxx

The back and forth of the punches kicks and takedowns brought the excitement to this fight.  These two fighters had the toughest chins!  There were a few punches that Braxx caught in the chin that didn’t phase him at all.  Ivanoff received the same amount of punches to the chin and nothing phased him either.  Great head movement by Braxx fenden off Ivanoffs fast counters. In R2, Ivanoff fought off a lot of Braxx’s agressive punches which saved him.  Another thing that made this fight great to watch was that in R3, neither of these fighters were breathing heavy going into the 3rd round. I could have seen a full championship fight that went the 5 rounds.  I think these guys had 2 more round in them. It was left to the judges again to decide on the winner.  Matt Braxx kept his belt.

Elizabeth Roig vs Janice Kassal at 115lbs—no fight, Janice dropped out.

Chris Hill vs Rick Farbo
This is the fight we were personally excited to see.  From the interviews to personally working out and training with the two, we knew it was going to be the spectacle it was.  If you read the interviews, you know there has been past tensions leading up to this point.  You could see it in both the fighter’s facial expressions; Chris with a menacing grin confident in himself, and Rick with his signature “Beast” look of rage.  From the tunnel entrance to the start of the fight Rick kept his attention and focus to Chris.  You could clearly tell that both fighters have been spending extensive hours in the gym preparing for this fight.  At this point, all allegations of advantages and disadvantages are void.  Chris challenged Rick and was fully aware that Rick was one pound over on their catchweight terms (although to my knowledge a 1 pound allowance was permitted) and still took the fight.  From the moment the cage doors closed, all that each fighter had to go on was their skill and stamina attained from their respected training camps.  The fight starts with both fighters touching gloves and exchanging short combinations.  Chris steps in and clinches with Rick.  Rick pushes off and Chris maintains a close distance via superman punch.  The two tie up again and Chris executes a wrestling over/under toss and ends in Rick’s guard.  Rick stays composed and pulls Chris into himself to force a stalemate until the referee stands the two up.  Once the fight resumes, Chris tries to close the distance again and go for a takedown.  Rick throws a kick and circles out of the way.  Chris continues to drive forward throwing haymakers and falls to the floor with Rick on his back.  Rick throws punches in bunches to Chris as he scrambles to make it back his feet.  Rick has Chis on the cage and lands a well timed knee landing onto Chris’s head.  Rick then pushes off and lands two hooks to Chris’s head making him wobble.  Chris tries to recompose himself by clinching, but Rick’s hand speed and flurry ultimately makes Chris go for a takedown only to be sprawled on and flattened out.  Rick takes mount and throws non-stop punches until the referee is forced to stop the fight.  The fight lasted 2:51 of round 1.  After the fight the two show good sportsmanship and shake hands in the middle of the cage.  Rick also takes the time out to first thank his friends ,family, and even Chris for making it out.  It appeared to me that it was Rick’s way of ending whatever bad vibes happened in the past as a declaration and moving on.  Nobody but Chris Hill knows how Chris feels about the fight, but hopefully this fight put an end to it all.

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship
Venue:The Odeum Expo Center1033
North Villa AvenueVilla Park, Illinois 60181
Phone: (630)-373-CAGE

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